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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by alessadry, Mar 22, 2017.

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    My jersey giant baby chicks are 2 weeks and a half and boy are they growing! They already look crowded and I am using the largest size plastic bin I have found in stores. Today already two chicks seemed like they were going to pick a fight (I suspect they are two roos) and wondering if it can be an issue of space. Anyhow, I would love to keep them in my sunny room as we live in Arizona and it's nice and warm and we can interact with them more. The space will be lined up with puppy pads covered with wood shavings/pine pellets.

    Now, here's the problem: there are times of the day when the temperatures there can get as high as 91 and I worry that that may be too much. I can always pop two windows open if needed though. In the evening it gets quite cool and they will need their heat lamp on.

    So was wondering if the temperatures get as high as 91 degrees, and despite the window being open, it still stays too warm, can that be dangerous to the chicks? Consider that once sent out free range in our land, temperatures are going to be pretty much the same if not more as we get closer to the summer. Any options other than opening windows if it gets too hot? Will turning on an A/C window unit or a fan be a problem, if worse comes to worse?
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    Yes high heat can be dangerous to chicks and they'll struggle to regulate their temperature more than an adult would. Just keep a close eye on their body language - if they become lethargic, pant, hold their wings out from their bodies - it's too hot for them and they should be moved somewhere cooler.
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    Keep in mind your chicks are halfway or more feathered out by this time, and that's like you wearing a sweater in that hot room. Would you feel comfortable stuck there with no place to cool off?

    In your warm climate, you could move them out to the coop right now. Chicks can handle temps that are quite cool as long as you get them used to those temps gradually.

    Or let them at least spend the daytime hours outside in the run. You do have a coop and run ready for them, don't you? Do you have older chickens? Taking chicks from two weeks old and older outside during the day is a good way to acclimate them. Be sure they have both shade and sun, but no chilly breezes.

    Where in AZ are you? There's a heap of difference between Flagstaff and Yuma.
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    So we placed them in there after looking at the forecast and reading the room temperatures and they look happy! They are running around, flying, eating, sleeping and nobody is panting or sleeping with wings spread apart. We are lucky to have a whole week of cooler temperatures this week. We do have a coop but need to still lay down the horse mats which will be arriving next Monday and we are fencing off a small area for them as well next week. We have a half acre fenced but they are too small to venture in so much space!

    Right now room temperature is 80 actually and we have the heat lamp on for tonight which is going to be cooler. Some chicks actually went to some sunny spots in the room to nap so guess they like the warmth. We are near Sierra Vista, which is an hour from Tucson and enjoy a microclimate of cooler temperatures compared to some other areas of Arizona. I will keep an eye on them to make sure they are comfy.
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