Keeping bator clean


Jan 29, 2018
My last hatch was a 5 day process.. by the time the last guy hatched it was kinda rank in there. We had a 90% hatch rate so it worked out great, but the smell! It, I'm assuming, was from the hatch boogers, the bits of poop from the first ones (until I moved them out) and just basic secretions. Is there something I can put down to try to keep it a bit cleaner? I mean the actual dirt I don't care about, but it would seem that those tiny air sacs would be highly susceptible to stuff in the air? I had seen a video of a "paper towel" cup. And read about hatching in an egg carton. With the way mine really rolled around I cannot image an egg carton would be helpful, but I'm no expert. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Oh and we are only talking 10-11 eggs. They were all moving on day 15, except #11, I just never saw it,doesn't mean its no good, just couldn't catch it. And my bator is rather big, its a Farm Innovators, 4250. So it can hold 42 eggs...
its a Farm Innovators, 4250.
That what I have. I have a giant tub that I fill with DAWN Dwd, a 1/2 cup of bleach. I gently push the bottom half of my incubators to the bottom of the tub. I then gently place a barbell weight on the bator bottom to hold it under. Soak it for 30 mins or less. Carefully remove it and rinse it off w/garden hose. Sun dried for UV sterilization and zero abrasive wiping.

Sounds like you ran a staggered hatch with a 5 day window. staggered hatches are messy.

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