Keeping Becky warm this winter


6 Years
Aug 12, 2013
Does anyone have a suggestion to keep Becky warm this winter. We live in NC and the winters here (from what the locals tell me) are not usually too bad. Since I only have one chicken which is a small little girl can't snuggle up with other chickens to keep warm. Not a fan of heat lamps and we have no electricity out by her coop anyway. I had heard that as long as they stay dry and out of a draft they should be fine. Like I said she is all by herself so I am a little concerned. Thanks, NeeCee
Why not get a couple more hens for her to snuggle with. Imagine being outside all by yourself I bet it gets pretty lonely, it would be a win win for everyone.
Believe me I want to but with her bad infected leg that we are treating right now the vet said to wait. I agree she is lonely and I want her to have friends but she was attacked by the neighbors rooster and his 5 hens so I think she is scared of other chickens. (Pecking and such). Do you think if I get chicks or juveniles it would be easier?

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