keeping call ducks


10 Years
Oct 6, 2009
hi every one.
I have build an "A" style duck run of 7 meters long 4 meters wide and 3 meters tall. I am intrested in breeding call ducks. i would like to keep a pair of whites, a pair of blue bibbed and a pair of magpies. The run is just grass but i can dig a pond but of what size. can i keep these ducks together without them breeding with the wrong breeds? Would there be enough space for a small goose?

Also can you show me your calls


and breeding tips
and there is a duck house
First, they will mix unless you keep each color in a seperate cage.
Second, don't dig a pond, get a little kids wading pool. They are inexpensive and easy to dump out and clean. Just build a ramp or steps for them to get up in it, though chances are they will just fly in anyway. Also put something in the water that they can climb on to get back out.

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