keeping chicken with quails ?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Broady2852, Mar 16, 2012.

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    hi there i am building a chicken pen (extending shed) in our back garding, where the chicken coop will be safe and secure inside. The pen is more like an avairy,wire meshed all round to stop any predators getting into the chicken pen, but was just wandering if it is ok to keep quails in the pen with the chickens, or will they fight ? :confused: Any advice is greatly :welcome:
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    not a good idea. there is a disease that quail can get from chickens that can kill them. its best to keep them on opposite sides of your property and always check quail first. There are people that keep them together/next to each other.
    I dont know too much about it, Im sure someone will come along and explain it better. i did a little research because i thought about getting some quail, but i decided not to right now and got ducks instead.

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    Really? What's the name of this disease? I'll come back & read your answer after I go move the quail out of the barn where the chickens are & where they've been for the last 18 years.
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    My quail were kept next to my chickens run in their own hutch, I never had a disease issue. Quail are significantly smaller than chickens, so there is a good chance they would get picked on/injured. Also, my quail were excellent fliers. And anytime they managed to make it to the ground, they were gone. So you really want to make sure their enclosure doesn't have any small gaps they can slip out of and a top so they can't go over the fence. Good luck!
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    [​IMG]I have chickens in a separate pen right next to my quail pen. I tend to the quail first then blow my shoes off & tend to the chickens. Here's my set up you can see the chicken coop behind the quail pen.

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