Keeping chickens happy,not bored.

chicken farmer

10 Years
Feb 7, 2012
Make shure all chickens have enough space,food and water for all. In the coop they should have enough roosts for all and have enough nesting boxes(1 nestbox per every 4 hens) plus there should be enough air holes cut for good circulation. In the run/yard there should be bushes,logs,stumps,tall roosts outside,flower pots with rocks and dirt,pile of leaves,sand box, and other things they can fly/jump up on and climb on,and dirt/sand to take dust baths in.....but make shure they have quite a bit of room thats open so the chickens can roam in the open like they love. There food and water should be easy to get to. If you can and you dont have a rooster you should think about getting one because the hens feel real safe with a rooster around,and if you have a rooster the hens wont be looking out for danger all the time and can relax more,since they have the rooster playing(guard). Also for treats you give them every once and a while can be....bugs,worms,cereal,crackers,bread,vegtables,fruit,small cooked meat,corn,milo,sun flower seed,store bought treats and seeds for chickens like flock block,scratch,and over all you can give them ALL kinds of things(but you want to AVOID chocolate,real salty and sugary foods and others. Plus to keep your chickens happy,let them free range every once in a while or everyday. Plus to keep them happy and NOT stressed is keeping there coop clean,they need there coop cleaned every day so they dont get amonia and get sick from larva,ticks,lice and worms. Just give your chickens fun things to jump on and fly on and places to dust bath and good things to eat and some free range time and a clean coop and they will love there life and be very happy chickens......

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