Keeping chickens in the tropics

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by EmDavies, Oct 1, 2011.

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    Oct 1, 2011
    I've just moved to Malaysian Borneo, living out in a tiny village with no electricity or running water. Not being able to have a fridge has gotten me thinking slightly more creatively about where to source and keep my food, and one of those trains of thought led to keeping chickens. I haven't done it myself before though, although we did keep chickens at home when I was a child. My situation is very different here, and I was hoping some of you might have some good hints and tips for me [​IMG]

    The chickens are going to be completely free-range - i.e. there are no fences or controls in the village and the chickens will spend every day foraging along with the chickens belonging to all the other homes nearby. So my first question is, what kind of coop do I need to build? Do I keep the chicks confined for a certain period of time until they know where their home is? The villagers aren't able to express themselves well enough in English for me to learn from them (I am learning the local language, but it will take time!) Also, can I start with hens, rather than chicks? The local market sells fully grown hens, which would be easier for me than chicks, but I wasn't certain if hens can be trained to return to a new coop or not.

    Also, if they're out foraging all day, will I need to provide any food? Water? Will they always lay eggs in the coop, or might they end up laying in someone else's garden?

    Village chickens seem pretty hardy to me, but are there any particular problems that come with keeping chickens in such a hot, humid climate?

    Sorry about the very broad requests, but I'm really excited, and very nervous that I'll accidentally kill them all in my first week by missing something out...

    Many thanks!

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    I am assuming u are there on a mission trip and I applaud you for that. Chickens don't all lay at the same time so if you kept them in a coop/ house until let's say noon some still might lay after that and not necessarily in your yard. Also w other chickens around the chances of yours coming home each night or staying in your area is very slim. Chickens once out are foragers.

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