Keeping chickens OUT of the garage (pictures included)!!

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    Our Henny Penny's seem so insistent on infiltrating our garage and pooping in it!! I feed our outdoor cats in the garage as well, and the chickens recently discovered their food and won't stay out! It's driving me crazy. Here's our solution, and so far so good.

    It is a bit inconvenient having to move the gate each time I need to get in and out with my car, but not NEARLY as inconvenient as it was having to constantly spray the poop out!!


    What is it Daisy? All those juicy bugs and wonderful plants on our lovely property not good enough for you? You want in? Sorry honey, this spot is mine. Now shoo! Go forage like a good chicken...

    You too Jasmine....

    And don't get any ideas about flying over that little flimsy fence!

    One more thing girls....Stay off the porch while you're at it!! I don't want poop there or on my chairs either!

    See our cat Caspian in the background? Be sure to read about her and her "chicken owners" here:
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    I don't know what your weather is like but do they have a shady spot out of the sun where hawks cannot fly overhead? Luckily I have a shed mine can hang in. They certainly don't want to be outside in our heat.

    I do have some areas I don't want them, mainly my garden but also some other areas. A fence is the only solution I've found. Hope your fence continues to work for you.
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    They do have plenty of wonderful shady spots as well. They are in fact extremely pampered and SPOILED! When things really begin to heat up outside, they get to come swimming in the big pool with us, are lavished with tasty treats, and have been loved on, cuddled, and adored from day one! I think they're just pushing the envelope! [​IMG]

    I hope our fence continues to work for us as well!
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