Keeping chickens warm enough during the winter

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    Apr 13, 2012
    I only have 5 Americanas, so i just have a small coop, about 4x4, but its plenty of enough room for them. it includes 2 egg boxes, a small window, a roost above, and 2 vents. Next to the window, i have a small door so the girls will be able to go up there to lay an egg, (the coop is supported by large stilts so they can go under neath, this is where their run is.) and i have a little walking bord so they can get up and down. This is the prefect design for me, but usually only for the summer.
    You see, my girls live outside, like nearly every adult chick, but they spend all their time outside, even in the winter. I try to get them to go up in their coop, but no matter what i do, they stay downstairs, out in the elements. Their run is about 2x7 ft, so it is enough room for them, but i was wondering if i should put a small lamp under their coop too, or even get a heating pad or something. Should I? Please help me, winters coming fast, and i don't want my precious girls to feel too cold!

    Background info:
    My coop is insulated very good
    There is a large 250 wt lamp inside the coop, i usually turn it in for about 10-15 mins when i think the coop needs warmed up
    The small window is always closed during the winter
    On the floor of the coop, there are newspapers, wooden shavings, and straw
    On the floor of the run, is dirt, covered in straw in which i hide food for them to find and they also lay upon it
    The coop is about 4 ft from the ground, so the girls can walk underneath.

    Please Help me!

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    May 8, 2012
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    I wouldn't put a light under the coop. This is the place for them to explore nature and that includs the weather. They will be sheltered from the worst of the snow under there already.


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