Keeping duck 'pond' clean w/ bio-filter, recommendations for water plants they WONT eat?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by cheesehead, Apr 13, 2012.

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    Ive unsuccessfully made small duck ponds in the past that turned to algae pits, so I put a bit more thought into this one and would appreciate some feed back or "Do's & Dont's" if anyone has done anything similar. Pretty much a small pond, lined and filled then set up with a pump more than efficient to handle the water volume. Water will pass through screen & mesh to prevent duckie poo and all that good stuff ( to be washed off in the flowers) from clogging up the impeller, then pumped into a I'd say half a rain barrel size bio-filter slightly above pond then 'waterfalled' back in to the pond through bottom of bio filter. There are 5 ducks, and will be a floating rap astro-turfed as its easy to just hose off creating a one way in one way out wipe your feet effect.[​IMG] Also the edges will be fenced in and a screen dome will be placed over it to ensure they cannot carry wads of mud into it and pine needles & the such will stay out.
    I've read their oils will quickly muck up a pond area.....Do you think the filter will be sufficient? Attached pic of rough idea, maybe? Small set up for some ducks, and all in all If it does not work I can make a Koi pond?
    Thanks! oh, It will be dug about 1 foot deep and raised, making the whole thing maybe 2"deep. Also looking for plants to put in it such as giant water lettuce they will not decimate? [​IMG]
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    would love to hear about this - did you ever get it going??

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