Keeping eggs in winter aviary clean ?

el dorado quail

Mar 24, 2019
I have an aviary and I'm beginning to hate collecting eggs. The hens are laying them in the dampest, muddiest spots. Right now I have a sketchy wooden framed tarp roof on it which I think is the cause for the wet spots. When it's clear for longer than a day I'm going to get a proper roof with eaves and gutters so the run off isn't coming in through the sides.

BUT IN THE MEANTIME any suggestions on how to get them to lay in the dry shelters I made for them or discourage them from hanging out in the damp corners?


May 15, 2019
Sonoma County, CA
I would say that I'm lucky that my two hens that are laying are laying in the dry part of the pen, but that's all the way in the back and I have to just about crawl to get them.

Can you completely cover a corner so it doesn't get wet? They seem to like to hang out and lay in the corners, so if you give them a dry one, I bet they'll lay there.


Loves Hatching
May 28, 2015
South LA
:frow hey ladies!

Maybe add another tarp? A bowl of special finer dirt in a place you prefer? They love to lay in my dust baths.

Maybe an upturned plant pot with just some rock in it in the muddy spots to give the wet a place to stay and be mostly cut off inhospitable to laying but also not a place to suicide :rolleyes:
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