Keeping FOUR out of 15 that I hatched.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by joebryant, Sep 2, 2008.

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    I incubated and hatched 15 blue x blue Orpington eggs. Turned out that there were five splashes, five blacks, and five blues. I immedidately gave away the five splashes, leaving me ten.
    Of the ten, I had two black roosters, two dark blue roosters, and three light blue roosters, seven roosters.
    I've given away all the roosters except a dark-blue one.

    Out of 15 chicks, I now have two black hens, one dark-blue hen, and one dark-blue rooster left.

    I will hatch some of their eggs next spring, keep all the dark-blue hens and give away all the others, even the two black hens, i.e., all I want/wanted from the beginning of this adventure is dark-blue Orpingtons.

    EDIT: BTW, like everyone should, I also have a dark-blue silkie, but she is NOT a chicken. She now has a little six-day-old chick that's either white or splash (cutest thing you could ever see).
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    Don't you just love the blue orps. I hatched a trio. One black splash roo, a dark blue hen with black lacing and a bright blue hen. I can't wait to hatch their eggs in the spring.
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    Quote:I agree; Orpingtons sure are sweet chickens. I too can't wait to start hatching these four's eggs. Hopefully, at least one of the hens will go broody early next spring; if so, I'll put at least a dozen eggs under her or them. I want to get to where I have six dark-blue hens and one dark-blue rooster; the others are easy to give away. I really, really like the dark blue look, especially after their first molt; it's then that the lacing of the dark blue ones takes on that special sheen (according to what I've read). I even especially like the dark-blue lacing that the one hen now has; can't wait to see it later.

    BTW, I have named my two dark-blue ones Tristan and Isolde. The two black hens are Aida and Leontyne.
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    I double posted my reply above; hit "quote" instead of "edit".
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    I can't believe that you gave away all of your splashes!!! Mine has turned out to be quite lovely. I felt so lucky to just get one out of my hatch and you got five! WOW! Each to their own though. [​IMG] I LOVE my blue girls. They are so sweet! Congrats on adding some to your flock!

    I love your comment on your Silkie not being a chicken. I don't feel like mine are either! LOL! They are so sweet! I absolutely can't imagine anyone not having at least one. [​IMG] My little DD (she's 4) will get hers and sit in the dirt. The Silkie just stands right there in between my DD's legs and pecks in the dirt. I can't believe how calm those little birds are!
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    Let me know next time you're giving out chicks [​IMG] I'll take some. I've been looking for Blue Orps [​IMG]

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