Keeping Goats at Friend's Property??


Oct 22, 2016
New Mexico
I can't have goats at my house. City zoning laws require 1/2 acre, I have 1/3. I have an acquaintance at church who has at least 1 acre and live only 5 minutes away. They don't use a lot of their land and in the past have let others use their property for gardening. I am considering asking them if they would let me keep a couple of Nigerian Dwarf does there. Obviously I would be there daily to take care of them and would make sure they have adequate shelter and fencing. What all should I take into consideration for keeping goats at a friend's property?


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Apr 4, 2011
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What all should I take into consideration for keeping goats at a friend's property?

So... I have 4 goats... and you're actually asking a lot of someone. Here's why in my opinion: First, goats are incredibly noisy. You don't think about it up front but they make noise literally sun up to sun down and it sounds like a child screaming in some cases. That puts a lot of people off. Second, they will require a fully fenced pen and a goat house. That's a lot of work and space (and maybe doesn't look so nice). Also, you may want to double-check the requirements of the city, it may require a 1/2 acre fenced pen- not just a 1/2 acre total land owned. Third, goats require play areas and stimulus. If you just put them in a field they will go nuts. So you'll need logs and boxes and just stuff to play on and with. And lastly, goats will utterly lay waste to whatever area you fence them into to. They eat the bark off trees, they chew on any living bush, plant, etc. relentlessly until there is nothing left but dirt.

Sooooo... you're asking a whole lot of your neighbor unless they are also goat lovers in my opinion.

That all said- I absolutely love my goats (and so does my daughter) but I keep them a good 300' away from my house down by my barn to keep things civil between humans and goats! They're wonderful, but it may make more sense to find someone who already has goats and see if you can't put your own goat there.

Another idea off the wall is get a Koi Pond! They're awesome and fish are a ton of fun and it requires very little space. :)

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Oct 27, 2016
right now i have 5 Nigerian dwarf goats,

now i don't know anyone who keeps animals on some one else's land with out a rent fee.

but goats talk non-stop, they need really good fencing like really good fencing.

but as your friend only has one acre (which in my opinion is really small for most live stock) also what about predators? i have a dog with my goats for coyotes.

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