6 Years
Sep 5, 2013
Hi everyone,

I have a pet chicken, she is almost like a cat in the house. She took one of the bathrooms as her coop, she sleeps there, lays eggs there, it's her "safe place".

For the last three weeks she doesn't want to get up, she just lays around and doesn't lay any eggs. I took her to the vet but he sees nothing wrong, she isn't egg bound, at first we thought she needs calsium, I got her calsium powder and layer feed, still no eggs and still she doesn't even want to go outside.

If I pick her up and take her outside she plays around and rolls in the sand for about an hour, then she runs inside to her room and sleeps. She doesn't get up during the day to eat or poop or even drink water.

I was wondering if the problem could be that se might need a rooster but saw a few articles saying you don't need a rooster. Please tell me someone knows what is wrong with her? She doesn't seem sick, she sits on my lap and eats her food if I give it to her, but otherwise she is just not herself?
Are you sure is just broody? My house pet chicken who is a Serama went broody at 9 months without eggs nor a rooster.. She would sit on The bottom of her cage. Would not eat nor drink. This went on for 3 weeks. I had to take her out of the cage to eat and drink or take her outside Do you notice thay her belly is hot to touch?

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