keeping lice or mites away in the winter

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    We free range 56 chickens and at night they get locked up in the bottom of the barn and get let out in the morning. With winter coming how do I prevent lice or mites since they won't be able to dust bath in there usual spots. I could put sand in some bus tubs and put them in the barn if need be but I am trying to find something a little cheaper than to have to buy all that sand. I'm just wondering what other people do for there chickens to prevent this.

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    Making dust baths really is the best thing to do. In the long run, it's less expensive and time-consuming to buy the sand and other ingredients than it will be to treat for mites and lice. And it'll be nicer and healthier for the chickens not to become infested and have to suffer with them.
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    Chickens need to dust bath, it's in their nature. Even battery hens in cages try to dust bath. It would be nice if you can provide somewhere for them to do this. What you can do is mix some wood ash/sevin dust into whatever you are providing, so they'll get dusted properly for mites while they're at it. It doesn't have to be expensive sand. Just take some dry soil and put it in a container where it won't get wet. Your chickens will love you for it!
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