Keeping my chickens in Dearborn Heights


Dec 28, 2020
Hello all,
This morning an officer came in and gave us a week to remove our backyard hens. I couldn't find any information online regarding Dearborn Heights law on how to get a permit. Can anyone help me on this. I really want to keep my chickens, I raised them since they were babies, and they just started laying eggs two weeks ago.
Please help.
Thank you
If you aren’t allowed to keep them due to living in the city, I don’t think there are any permits you can get to keep them. I hope you can find them a good home.
What do your ordinances say? Was there a permit process and you just skipped it, or did you not check ordinances in your neighborhood/city/county before getting them?
Dearborn Heights Sec. 6-66. – Domestic animals and fowl. No person shall keep or house any animals or domestic fowl within the city except dogs, cats, canaries or small animals commonly classified as pets which are customarily kept or housed inside dwellings as household pets. (Code 1969, § 9.87)

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