Keeping my wee ladies warm in freezing winter in Scotland

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by missfelicity, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. missfelicity

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    Aug 4, 2008
    I am getting some ex-battery hens rescued from by a friend of mine down the road. The poor wee things are just now getting their feathers back. I hate to see animals treated this way. They aren't meant to be inside all the time. Luckily they still have their beaks and are fairly healthy at 50 weeks old. They were going to be used for dog food. I am a vegitarian and a buddhist so these girls are lucky they won't be killed and eaten at the end of their laying days they will just go old and die gracefully. I am going to have four of her girls in my back garden. Not much room but enough for the wee things to have a decent life.

    Scotland is very cold in the winter we get windy gales here and I worry about my girls in the winter. My friend Heather says they are used to it but I do worry. My cats are mainly inside and pampered. I can just see the girls in my kitchen enjoying the warmth while it blows a gale outside.

    I have been told if you keep the coop too warm it can get buggy very quick. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you so very much.
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    If they have deep bedding and a draught-free coop, I think they will be fine. I have seen poultry survive Indiana winters with deep bedding and a VERY draughty coop and it gets below freezing here on a regular basis - sometimes well below.

    BTW, welcome to BYC.
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    Oct 11, 2007
    Gervais OR
    Invite me to come stay, I'll cuddle up with them and keep them warm. [​IMG] I'd love to see Scotland. Do you have any pics you can share of your beautiful country?

    Oh and most importantly. Welcome to BYC. [​IMG]
  4. Buff Hooligans

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    Jun 11, 2007
    What kind of coop do you have? It should be insulated, but have small vents for fresh air (making sure no cold air actually blows on your chickens).

    Welcome to BYC!
  5. Wildsky

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    Oct 13, 2007
    Yeah, draft free, a smallish area insulated they'll be fine.

    Our low last winter was -26F and they did really well without added heaters and such. I have more chickens so they could cuddle up - perhaps make their roosting area kinda enclosed to help keep the heat in. Put a top and sides around it (inside the coop of course)

    Good luck and welcome to the madness! [​IMG]

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