Keeping Parakeet warm during winter...


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Mar 23, 2011
The cold has descended.

The house won't be kept very warm (too $$$). He got sick once a few weeks ago when the nighttime temps were in the 50s.

What are some ways we could keep him warm throughout the winter?

We thought maybe a heat lamp type set up but that doesn't seem plausible because he needs nights without light. A heating pad wouldn't keep him warm because he is never on the bottom of his cage.

What does everyone else do?


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A cage cover in the evening woud be a start. Parakeets are relatively hardy so if adequate food, water and protection from drafts are provided the bird should be fine.
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I hang a mechanic's work light (the one with the metal bulb shield & hook) on the outside of my parakeet's cage near a perch. I have a 75 watt "black light" bulb in it. It is enough to keep her warm but doesn't create a lot of light.


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Mar 4, 2011
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From everything I've learned, most parrots (including budgies) will be fine in temperatures in the 50's, as long as there isn't a draft of cold air wicking heat away from their little bodies. Keep the cage away from any drafty windows or outside doors. To find out if there's a draft near the bird's cage, light a candle and move it slowly around the cage area. If you see flickering in a certain spot, there's a draft there.

If you want to provide supplemental heat without light, you can consider the ceramic heat bulbs , which can fit into regular sockets. Find a clamp-lamp, affix it near (but not touching) one side of the cage (so the bird can move away from it if it gets too hot), and make sure it and the cord are out of reach of curious beaks. Remember to turn it off and let it cool before letting the bird out.



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Quote:Quoted for truth. Budgies will do just fine at house temperatures as long as they are not under a draft, and are free-fed with plenty of nutritious food to power their little bodies! My house averages 52°F in the winter and all of my parrots are fine.

Nearly all commonly kept bird species are very capable of keeping themselves warm at indoor temperatures. They don't 'catch colds'-- becoming chilled stresses them and allows any underlying illness to show, is all. I regret that if he was sick before, it wasn't because of the temperature, and something else was wrong.
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May 8, 2007
I agree that drafts are the worst problem, not the temperature. A cover at night is good. You could also have the cover draped over just the back half of the cage during the day, if your house is especially drafty.

The other thing that makes them more susceptible to upper respiratory infections is not getting a balanced diet, especially not getting enough vitamin A. A seed only diet is notorious for not providing adequate vitamin A. I noticed a huge difference in my budgies' health and life spans, when I added a few pellets and a lot of fresh food like greens and vegetables to their diet. I also feed sprouts to my birds.

I had my first budgies back in the sixties and not as much was known about bird nutrition back them. There's a lot more known, now.
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Mar 23, 2011
Okay that is great to know! I plan on sewing a cover this weekend with batting in it to make sure its warm and keeps the drafts out. We are also going to move him to a room that is south facing so it is sunnier/warmer/happier.

He eats Harrison's high potency and rarely gets millet spray as a treat. We also supplement him with veggies.

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