Keeping Roosters and Cockerels Together?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Buster098, Jun 17, 2011.

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    Hi, I have a little dilemma here. I have a flock of chickens with one big rooster and at the beginning of this year I had 10 chicks from which 2 cockerels came. I took the newly hatched chicks home to look after them until they were old enough to live outdoors with the others and at about 8 weeks old I put them back in the field with the other chickens and the rooster. So far the 2 cockerels and the rooster, which is their father, have been ok and there has been no signs of aggression from any of them but ive been wondering whether it will be ok to keep them together forever or will they end up fighting when the cockerels get bigger and the rooster see's them as a threat maybe or is it most likely that they are used to each other enough that they will just live happily together?? They are now about 20 weeks old so have been together a while now.

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    Do you have enough hens for three roosters?

    My only answer to your question has to be, it depends. Raised with an adult rooster already in the flock to teach them manners and authority, your cockerels could do fine. Or, your adult rooster could take an instant dislike to a young roo one day and try to kill him.
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    As they mature the cockerels may challenge the rooster. Chances are he will whup their butts and subordinate them in the flock; however, they will remain alert for any weakness hoping to depose him. Don't worry about if you have enough hens, and address any problems as/if they arise.

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