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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by snewman, Apr 10, 2009.

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    I think my question falls under the topic of flock management. I debated over other categories...

    Here goes; last spring I got my first chicks. I got a lot of roosters. Now they outnumber the hens and I'm culling most of them. My question is, what one should I keep? I would be looking to eat most of the birds my flock produced, if I learn how to hatch eggs, and with that in mind I got several dark cornish roosters. I was planning to keep one of them. I also have a white-laced red cornish and two black giants. Does anyone have/breed these birds? I'm especially curious about the white-laced red cornish. While I am nowhere near ambitious enough, or knowledgeable about genetics to the point of trying to reproduce the huge cornish X's, it seems like starting with this mostly white cornish rooster might produce a lighter skinned offspring than a dark cornish (depending, of course, also on the hens he mates with). Does anyone have the white-laced red cornish? Mine seems a little smaller than the dark cornish, which could suggest that he's not the best guy to keep, but I'm just not sure. Any thoughts? I also have two black giants that are not all that giant, so I was thinking of culling them as well, but would welcome any thoughts on that breed as well.
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    I wish I could help. If I were you, I'd post this on the Meat Birds Etc. board. There are many folks on there with experience breeding meat birds like you're talking about.

    Good luck!

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