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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Seramax3, Oct 12, 2016.

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    I have a small coop for my 3 seramas. I've only had them for about 4 months. Now that the cold weather is creeping in on us here in Northern Virginia I am getting concerned. Fall temps seem to be into the 40s at night. Once winter hits we will probably have very few days in the 40s. Unfortunately I can't bring them inside and I do not have a garage. Since it's only the 3 of them I concerned they won't be able to keep warm. I have seen other people use heat lamps and since I can't be home all the time I wanted to stay away from that. I was looking into a heated pet mat that is hard plastic. It seems to be enough to take the cold edge off for some animals. I was planning on putting it under some shavings. Does anyone else have other ideas/concerns?

    This is the mat I was looking at.....I would be taking the cover off:
  2. If your coop is small, it will retain the heat from the 3 Birds..You could put straw bales around it for added insulation..On the run put clear construction plastic to block out the wind, snow and rain...The pet bed might be a waste if your birds decide to roost. Plus without the cover the matt heats up pretty good...I have that in my Cats little dog house in my garage...

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    Fallacy....good coop ventilation, which is essential, makes 'holding heat' moot.

    @Seramax3 Welcome to BYC!
    Be careful of the pet beds, they often turn on with the weight of the animal...which wouldn't work for birds.
    Maybe you can find some advice in this thread:
  4. All I know is what works here in Canada...I know many Chicken owners with proper ventilation and their birds heat up the coop enough to keep themselves warm.....

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    Get one or two more cold hardy bantams like a Cochin or barred rock and put them in the coop, they will have no issues with the cold and they will ad body heat to the nest box.
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    Folks tend to think that because bantams and Serama are smaller than large fowl, they're not as hardy.

    However, you have lots of small wild birds that overwinter in your area and do just fine. If tiny chickadees survive, I'm thinking your Serama will be good also. Just make sure they have plenty of food and thawed water, are out of the wind, and kept dry.

    Go out some night when they're on the roost. Slip your hand under the feathers and against the skin. You'll be surprised how warm and toasty they are under all those feathers.

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