Keeping silkies warm question?????

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  1. jen5680

    jen5680 Southside Silkie Shack

    Jun 18, 2009
    SW Ohio
    Ok i am thinking about the terrible cold that is coming this way
    and i am new to chickens and i was wondering how you all
    keep your silkies warm when it gets really cold out. They don't perch with the rest of the chickens so what do you all do to keep them warm?
    I don't want to have to heat the coop with anything electric if i don't have to becasue i am worried about a fire starting or something and I could never live with myself if something like that happened!!
  2. BayCityBabe

    BayCityBabe Chillin' With My Peeps

    May 1, 2008
    Mine just pile up. I try to make sure that their pile up area is clean & has lots of shavings, so they can snuggle down.

    I was pleasantly surprised by how hardy my Silkies are.
  3. CHIC

    CHIC Chillin' With My Peeps

    Aug 18, 2009
    How many do you have? They should keep each other warm.
  4. jen5680

    jen5680 Southside Silkie Shack

    Jun 18, 2009
    SW Ohio
    Well right now i only have 2 out there but i have 7 one month olds but i haven't put them out there yet. I just feel like it is to cold for them with them being so young an all.

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