Keeping the cage clean and odor free?


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Mar 4, 2009
South Eastern NH
So I have my two turkeys outside now in a cage that I built for them. It rained a lot this week and the cage has gotten muddy. It's starting to smell. What should I do? Should I maybe buy some stones and put that down as footing and hose it off to clean it? I don't suppose I could throw some lime down?
I was out of town for the weekend, and i checked on my turkeys this AM, and it is getting smelly in my pen too. i cleaned their bedding out before i left, my fiance just fed and watered them for me while i was away.
I hear that they are going to smell very bad as they grow. i am just doing my best to keep fresh hay in their pen.
Mine are on the ground and have access to a coop with shavings, that is clean, it is the outside that is wet and smelly. IF anyone has some good tips I would love to hear them.
Go to your local quarry and get a pickup load or hire someone with a dump truck to deliver you a load of block dust to layer the ground in your pens. The turkeys will love it and you will never have to worry again about a muddy wet pen. It works awsome for dog pens too and is a lot cooler for the dogs than concrete.
It is a mixture of course sand and very tiny gravel particles. I used to use it in all my dog kennels. I think they use it to make concrete blocks. It makes cleaning the pen a breeze with a rake and a shovel. I used to get a pickup load of it for $7. Great stuff.
you can go to the lumber yard and buy a bag of
agricultural limestone and it is the same thing and is eatable to the birds
as calcium

it keeps the pens dry and odor free

any questions email me
patandchickens has a page for muddy stinky chicken runs. I'm sure it could help.

I would put down sand and DE to help with drainage and all that.

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