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  1. modestmaiden62

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    Jun 10, 2014
    I had a hen that went broody ( Yay!!!) and hatched out 5 chicks. They are 4 and 2 days old and are getting around so I have opened the door to the shed and the little family went for an outing. The other hens and roosters saw their chick feed and started eating it. How do you keep it available for the chicks but away from the rest of the chickens? Do you just put it out after they are locked up for the night and before being let out in the morning? We live in Oklahoma and all is beautiful and green if that makes any difference.
    Thanks, Teretta
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    Can you fashion an enclosed space with an opening only a chick can get through? I am thinking of a cage with a very small door.
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    I had that problem with my very first batch of chicks eight years ago. It's what made me invent the "panic room". It's a safe enclosure with 5x 7 inch openings that will accommodate chicks until they are almost three months old. Their food and water is inside so the adult chickens can't bully them away from getting enough.

    The panic room comes in handy later when I'm integrating the chicks into the flock. They have a safe refuge to find peace from the adult chickens.
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    Just put the entire flock on starter. Even medicated starter is fine for grown birds to eat, and you can eat the eggs with no issues. Offer your layers oyster shell for calcium. The extra boost of protein in starter won't hurt any of your flock.
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    Jun 10, 2014
    That would be a lot of feed. I am just feeding the flock once a day
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    Unless they are broilers they should have all day access to food, it should not be portioned out... Chickens (less hybrid meat birds) do not overeat, they only eat to meet their immediate daily calorie needs... And in that respect if they are being fed sufficiently, they will not eat any more chick starter then layer feed, and at least by me the price difference if any is pennies....
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