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Jun 27, 2016
Carlisle, KY 40311
Hi everyone! I just needed some creative ideas for my new multi-purpose chicken coop. My problem is that my barn that my stall type coop is in doesn't have very good ventilation. Good in the freezing winter but not so good in the scorching summers here in Kentucky. The chicks will not have access to the outside due to predators and we don't want them to get hurt from us always driving farm equipment by.

We have purchased a fan to help move air through, and we keep both ends of the barn open when its hot during the day to help move are around thoroughly. So far this is working to an extent, does anyone know of any other ideas that might help? Thanks!


In the Brooder
Apr 22, 2016
We feed ours lots of fresh greens, they're a great alternative to things like scratch grain or corn that actually raise their body heat. For our ducks we make ice cubes with chopped veggies in them but the chickens seem to enjoy them too, though if they're not partly thawed they will give up trying to eat the goodies inside. Just remember to give them access to shade outside the coop and fresh water always.

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