Keeping the silkie chicks warm in the coop HELP


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Jul 27, 2010
Well i got Silkie chicks today!
I live in Oklahoma and it is starting to get cold here!!! 2 of them are 4 weeks and the other 2 are 6-8 weeks. well my question is how can i keep the coop they are in warm. I have a heat lamp in there right now but it is not very warm. my coop is 4x5 they are the only chickens in there please help!!! (THANKS)
My little silkies took forever to feather out.... there was frost on the ground this morning but the little roo doesn't care and goes out anyway. They also go out in the rain...

Make sure you have no drafts and if necessary put the chicks in a box in the coop with a heat lamp in it. Make sure the lamp is secure (no clip ons) and they have lots of shavings to make a bed in. Silkies are famous for snoozing in a pile....

Also keep in mind that a heat lamp will direct the heat down not up or out...

Can you post pictures of your set up?


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Lower your heat lamp so it is about 15 - 20 inches above them. They will all pile up underneath it. Yes, in my opinion, they are too young to be in near freezing temps without a heat source until they are completely feathered out.
As long as there aren't any drafts in the coop, they should be fine with a heatlamp. I agree with making sure it's low enough...not more than 18 inches for sure since they're so young. And PLEASE make sure the lamp is secured with a chain PLUS a back-up wire or chain, NOT clamped. Fires have been started by heat lamps that weren't well secured...
You could try wrapping the coop in heavy gauge plastic (except the doorway of course). It will help keep out drafts. I built my coop with insulation in between the inside and outside siding and put plexiglass covers on the "windows" at night. Really helps with the drafty cold.
When I have chicks in the coop that are really dependent on the heat I use two lights, in case one fails in the middle of the night.

I usually use two 100 watt bulbs (since when they go to the coop they don't need as much heat as when they were in the brooder in the garage). Then I decrease it to 60 watt bulbs, then one 60 watt bulb, then nothing when fully feathered.

But in your situation, you might use one heat lamp and one 100 watt bulb?

If they are huddled under the light then they are cold. If they are trying to get away from it then they are too warm. I like to see them kind of spread out but not directly under the light.

Silkies usually don't roost (but some do). Here is info:

Pine shavings will help keep them warm.
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thanks thats going to help me out but it is not that warm in the coop should i put another heat lamp in there

The "coop" doesn't have to be warm.

Only the chicks need to be warm.

Put them in a large box with the heat lamp above it and try to keep the temps IN THE BOX 80-90 degrees​
Lower your heat light to about 2-feet off the floor. Being that they're Silkies & still babies they probably don't roost yet anyway. They will snuggle up underneath of the light. They will probably move around some until they find a spot that's not too warm & not too cold..but JUST RIGHT for them.

I keep my brooder light in the same spot 24/7 and as they get older they start to sleep further away from the heat.

Also, I have a Red Heat Light and it gets much hotter than the regular clear ones, so if you have a clear light you might have to lower it a little closer to the floor.

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