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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by rebfost, Nov 24, 2015.

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    Nov 24, 2015
    I have 5 muscovy ducks I raised from ducklings . They have free range of the yard and a large pond with lots of wildlife. They are people friendly and we feed them daily .They walk around our open yard all day and don't stray from the pond area. My concern is (first winter) will they eventually remember they have a duck house for shelter ? this morning a few actually had frost on their feathers. They hang out around it they go inside to get pellets but i have yet to see them gather and sleep in there like they used to before they were set "free". Should I corral them into the house at night, to re-train , and remind them ? or leave them be ? thank you !
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    I would definitely get them in at night. Muscovies can get frostbite on their caruncles, and their feet.

    @Miss Lydia is one person with Muscovies who can provide some details.
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    They really do need to be secured at night with winter heading in fast not only do they need protection from the frigid weather but also from predators that will be looking at our birds as potential feed since theirs will mostly be hiding out under ground. They can get frost bite on the flesh also so if you can train them to go inside before dark that would be the best and close the door and lock it
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