Keeping track of a individual chickens productivity.

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  1. sixgunrich

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    Dec 15, 2008
    I am curious as to the best method of tracking an individual hens egg production? I would like to be able to do this so I will know wich hens to cull and wich to keep and allow to breed. From what I understand they dont allways use the same nest box.
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    I write most of the things down on my calander. When I bought them, first eggs, when to change feed. When to expect an egg. If I think it's a rooster or hen.
    All kinds of stuff to keep me on track with them.
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    Aug 22, 2008
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    I guess you could: 1) put each in a separate pen to track it 2) Have a sleepover with them and stay up all night watching LOL, 3) buy a video camera and record them 4) do what I do and guess! (it's much more fun guessing... fun to drive yourself crazy. :)
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    At this time of year a lot of hens are off the lay. It may be only seasonal, and they may be fine in spring. It may depend on how old they are as well, or if they are simply going through a molt.

    There are physical signs to look for in a hen to see if it is laying or not. If you suspect some are not laying at all, you should look for those indications. As to the actual indications, I'll leave that up to others to suggest. I do know comb color, and eye ring skin color is one indication, but there is another test regarding the pelvic width, which I'm not sure of what to look for.

    If they are not laying daily but still laying, that might be a little harder to track. You could try increasing their light hours, and ensuring they have a high protien diet +16%. That might get them laying regularly again.
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    Quote:Sometimes they prefer to lay in a particular nest box. Sometimes I will get a couple in one nest box at one time. The only way to really know is to watch them or if you have different breeds that lay different colored eggs. I put in a critter cam.

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