Keeping track of which hen laid which egg.

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    I have a trio of bearded buff silkies in a breeding pen right now. Currently both hens are laying.

    I put some blue food dye in the vent of one of the hens, and around the vent. The other hen I used yellow.

    When they lay the eggs, there is dye on the eggs, so I can keep track of which hen laid which egg. Thus seperating them before they hatch so I know which hen produced which babies.

    The dye also lasts for about 3-4 days. Just make sure to put it in and around the vent.

    LOL. [​IMG] I cant believe im actually putting dye into a hens vent. [​IMG]
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    It's a great idea. I've got to do the same to see which one's aren't laying.
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    This is cool to know!! I reaad about this once but wasnt sure how long it would last but it's great to know it lasts a while! Im sure they lay colored poo too [​IMG] "op henny pooed here!" LOL!
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    How do you apply the food color? Just dab it with your finger?
  5. bantamsrmyfav

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    I'm guessing it's dropped from the bottle
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    I use the single mating process with my breeders. Just mark the eggs when you collect them.
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