Keeping warm in winter


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Sep 10, 2012
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My four Japanese quail live in an outdoor pen in London (uk), where its just started to drop to almost freezing temperatures overnight. Are the quails alright outside in these temperatures and colder (last year we had a month of constant snow in jan)? They seem happy enough and aren't huddled together for warmth. They have lots of bedding and a nest box out of the drafts. I had thought of moving them into a hutch in the shed but to be honest I think it might be even colder in there as it doesn't get much light, at least in their outdoor pen they get sunlight during the day with a plastic roof.

How have others' quails fared outside in the winter?

Does anyone have any recommendations for what to use as a heater if necessary if it snows etc - I don't have electricity down there, but I'm sure there must be something battery powered or microwaveable? So far I've only found hand-warmer type things which wouldn't last overnight.


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Nature provides and the quail will adapt to the coldest of temps. It is never advised to add heat unless the temps get to be "sub zero" or in your case minus 20 C. Your quail will adjust as the temps drop and will do just fine, as long as their shelter stays completely dry, has bedding on the floor to keep the heat in the feet and the shelter blocks the wind. They will all snuggle in together and stay warm.

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