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Apr 22, 2011
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this! I was just wondering if I put a heat lamp in the coop this winter (it can be well below 0F sometimes) will it mess with their sleeping cycles? I know a little extra light time during our short winter days can help keep them laying, but will it bother them to have the coop light all night?
Just a suggestion, before you plan to put a heater in the coop this winter, check out the thread titled "Think it's too cold for your chickens?" It was started by someone in AK whose temps get well below 0. I found it quite illuminating.
I am not a chicken expert but I just bought a milk house heater (that is what is called) from the hardware store for $20 and put it in my coop because it is still pretty cold here at night and has been rain, rain, rain, rain,...did I say rain???
I plan on using that during the winter. Hubby said that is what they had in their coop when they were kids.
If you are going to use a heat bulb I would suggest a red one. Red does not bother them as much as white light. Plus they make a small device you plug into the wall and then you plug your brood lamp (TSC for $8.99 plus or minus) and the power comes on at 35 degrees and if my memory is correct goes off at 47 degrees or some such.

Here in Delaware I have not had the need for one but a number of Poultry suppliers sell them. They actually come in a range of about 5 difference pre-set temperatures. Using one only makes your heat light come on for a few minutes and then go off.

Yes, do read the article about chickens and cold. If they are not in a draft they can stand really low temperatures except for breeds like Serama's that cannot stand it below 40 degrees (that is why my house is full of Serama's during the winter:D).

There are some other breeds that are not winter hardy and BYC has a lot of breed info. Good Luck:yiipchick
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