Keets & adult Guineas


10 Years
Nov 16, 2009
Ulster County NY

I have two guineas that are six months old, they have what I call their own Guinea Inn in a fenced area...
in this fenced area I put a hutch with keets in it... those two older guineas just watch them all day, rarely go out
free ranging, & seem alittle protective. It is cute to watch....

My first question I am wondering if the older guineas know this are baby guineas?
At what age can the young ones roam safely with the older guineas? I believe the two older ones are boys
& I don't know how the older ones will treat the young ones.

Originally I bought the two older ones to help with tick control ... I have lymes disease & was bit twice this year
. But have really come to like these goofy guineas

I bought more & hatched some & all are doing great!

Thanx ~~Jen~~

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