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Jul 27, 2011
I am going to be picking up some keets today, and I realize that I am woefully lacking in knowledge. I have experience with chicks, poults and ducklings, but not Guinea Fowl.

I currently have about 20 Cochin chicks (NOT bantam) in a brooder that are about 1-1.5 weeks old. Can I put the keets in the same brooder, or do I need to brood them separately? Will they eventually all get along when placed together, or will I always need to keep them separated?

Any other things I need to know about keets?

Thanks so much!!


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Get this book called Gardening with Guineas. That's what we used, and it really helped. I wouldn't put the keets and chicks together yet. Make sure all the keets are healthy and strong first, because the older chicks will beat them up. Older Guineas are pretty accepting of new birds, chickens not so much, so you will just have to observe.
Make sure you feed them a game bird starter mash. They need high protein, and are really tiny birds at first. They will also be really skittish at first and if you don;t handle them constantly, they won't be tame as grown-ups, either.
Where did you order from? How many do you have? When we got ours, after a month or so, we put them in 2x4 wire, and they all escaped in the middle of the night. Fortunately, we got most back. Just make sure your brooder is secure and covered.
Good luck, have fun, (they are really cute!) and please post pictures!


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Mar 28, 2012
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That is a very informative book, I also bought it before I got keets. It is almost an A-Z book, even includes what to do in emergencies etc. There are also great videos of "Growing up Guinea" on UTube it has a series. Very entertaining.

Do not put them in with your chicks they need their own brooder. Make sure you have some "Save a Chick" electrolytes for when you get them. THey will need this when they arrive as they will be very dehydrated. You will need a heat lamp just like your chicks and I used the medicated game bird starter crumble for their first 10 wks then gradually switched to game bird crumble. I kept mine in for the first 12 weeks until they fully feathered and then allowed them some time outside. They are so cute at this stage cause they will be so curious but so scared of everything. You need to allow them to adjust to their new environment and it may take a few days before they will actually go out of the coop area. Also when small they will need chrushed oyster shells and grit to help them digest their food. Treats are good as they get older and use the same words that you will use to help get them into the coop later as thy are older. They will come a running when they hear this.

That's enough to get you started but if you have any problems please come back and ask lots of questions. We are always ready to help. And don't forget to post pictures! We never get tired of seeing new babies here! Or grown babies for that matter.

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