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Keets Moved to New "Crib"... Unusually Quiet Now

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by BoogieBug, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. BoogieBug

    BoogieBug Chirping

    Okay, newbie Guinea mama here. Just graduated the keets from the brooder to a chicken tractor. They are two weeks old today. They have been unusually quiet. When I had them in the RV, they would chirp all the time, run all over their brooder box, and attempt to fly out of the box, only to be met with bird netting. Now that I've given them more room to spread their wings, they stay on the platform and are eerily quiet. This is their new crib:
    GuineaTractor-1.jpg GuineaTractor-2.jpg GuineaTractor-3.jpg GuineaTractor-4.jpg

    Could it be they are just adjusting?

  2. GlennLee

    GlennLee Songster

    May 13, 2016
    Central New York
    Could be the adjustment, could be that they are just getting older. I remember the CONSTANT peeping at first and then they started to quiet down. Wait a few more weeks and you'll be into the first round of relentless "buckwheats" from the females. Not to worry as long as they are alert and moving around, checking out their surroundings, eating and drinking. I think they're just loving their new digs. Enjoy!
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  3. BoogieBug

    BoogieBug Chirping

    Thanks for the reassurance. :) I agree with you, I think they are loving their new digs and adjusting. They spent the first two weeks of their lives in a cardboard box in an RV! Now they are outside with all new noises and scents, rain, thunderstorms, sun, and bugs flying around!! Not to mention, grass and weeds ... well, mostly weeds! lol.

    I just went out and checked on them and they seem happy to see me. They peeping and hopping around. Yay!!

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