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    Oct 25, 2011
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    I just acquired a 10 month old EE roo that may be pooping bright Kelly green poops. They're solid normal consistency, white white caps. I've narrowed down to him or 2 other hens he's in with. He has runny normal colored poop sometimes. The family I got him from could no longer keep him bc he was crowing and they live in the city. They are Chinese and only fed him Chinese people food, then let him free range in the backyard. Now he is eating chick grower crumbles bc he's in with some young-uns, and also gets greens grass/weeds every now and then when I let him out.

    He eats, he is not starving. Could the bright green pooos be from change of food? What do I do about it?
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    First of all, you shouldve quarantined him. Bright green poop could possibly be a bacterial infection. Seperate him in a cage/crate, feed him layer feed mixed with scratch, add chopped boiled egg and buttermilk to it and stir it up to make it a mash, (heavy on the buttermilk.) The buttermilk is a probiotic that is more easily absorbed than yogurt. IF it's a bacterial issue, hopefully the buttermilk will help get good bacteria back in balance and solve this problem. Feed him this mixture for about 10 days and when his poop gets back to normal, provide him layer feed and scratch to eat only, not chick grower.
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    Grass will make their poop bright green.

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