kennel to coop and detachable tractors...recommendations requested!

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  1. mamonson

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    Apr 14, 2011
    I currently have a 10X10 foot dog kennel with a small coop in it (i believe the kennel is 6ft high?). I'm planning to convert the entire kennel into a coop. Suggestions? Pictures? Experience? I live in VA, hot summers (90s now...eeek!) and coldish winters (rarely teens but often 30s). I currently only have 2 buff orpington pullets, but am getting 2 blue orpington chicks shortly. The breeder with the blue orpington chicks is also selling his entire flock of blue/black/splash (11 hens 3 roos) for a steal. How many chickens would this coop allow for?

    I can build a permanent run off this kennel/coop with supplies i currently have (t posts/u posts/galvanized wire/netting).

    What i'd like to incorportate is a recent craigslist purchase of a 5X12 foot dog kennel (i believe this is only 4 ft high) to be used as a detachable chicken tractor. i don't think it will be too heavy to move, and if so i can use only one of the 6 ft panels to lighten the structure. any thoughts on how to add wheels? what size/type of wheels? i have a plastic kids playhouse i am going to try to put on a platform attached to the bottom of the tractor (not really elevated, the playhouse is almost the hight of the panels) so provide safety/cover when the fox come. the top and bottom will be wired and i plan on using some type of material to board the back end/sides so the fox can't pull the chickens through when they startle them. maybe don't include the playhouse and just rely on the boarded end?

    any thoughts on how to best attach this to the kennel/coop area? i'd LOVE to get this breeders entire flock and figure i'll have enough room in a 10X10 kennel converted to a coop. i'd probably have to rotate the flock daily to determine who goes in the permanent run and who goes in the chicken tractor as the chicken tractor will allow enough space for that many birds.

    Please provide comments concerns prior experience and suggestions!

    1. convert kennel to coop
    2. convert smaller kennel to chicken tractor
    3. have chicken tractor detachable from main coop.

    Space isn't really an issue and i can build in any direction.

    Also, any comments on electric chicken netting? i know the fox routinely try to get my birds during the day and don't want them terrorized in the chicken tractor. is there a way i can install a solar powered electric source to move with the tractor and set up netting around its perimeter?

    Thanks in advance!
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    How about a picture so we can see what you're up against.

    As for the electric fence, they make step in posts and solar units that all move fairly easy, especially with the charger mounted on the tractor but chainlink with a skirt should stop a fox cold! Any chance you could ring the whole yard with EF? That would stop fox, coons, dogs, etc but your dog would learn and simply avoid it like mine did. As to fox vs chicken, last year, my birds did not react to foxes as long as they were outside the fence, the fox just paced back and forth looking for a hole. Stray dogs however sometimes do throw themselves at a fence trying to get thru.
  3. mamonson

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    Apr 14, 2011
    the kennel i'd like to convert into a coop. this can be moved away from the fence, to the adjacent field...basically anywhere.


    i was thinking something like this (post from hippiechick).

    are fox not known to pull chickens through fence? the chicken tractor will have metal fencing on the bottom as well as the top so even if it tries to dig it wouldn't be able to get through. i'd rather not invest in the expense of electric fencing (the solar chargers seem rather pricey) if i don't need it.

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