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Kensington Rehabilitation Center~Roleplay~

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by freelancedance, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. freelancedance

    freelancedance Chillin' With My Peeps

    Kensington Rehabilitation Center is the best rehab in the state. It’s high class, only for racehorses, jumpers, eventers, and English horses. When your beloved horse takes a horrific fall, you take all your savings and head to Kentucky. Kensington Rehab has top of the line equipment. Sprawling grounds, towering barns, large box stalls. Perfect for every horse that comes in to Kensington. You must work yourself to the bone, trying to get your two hurt horses working again.

    • What I say goes. I will be fair, but if I think that you should not be doing something, I will tell you.
    • You can only have two horses, one boy, one girl. Same thing with humans.
    • No horse or human may be perfectly good or perfectly evil.
    • No breeding, at all. You may flirt, or have a girlfriend or boyfriend.
    • Make it detailed and realistic.
    • The horses will be out in pastures, they might get into fights. One blow per post, and one dodge every two post’s.
    • Your horse cannot be healed in two day’s time. It takes time to heal a horse.
    • PM me with any questions.
    Body Type:

    Show Name:
    Barn Name:
    My Forms:

    Name: Kate Kaiena/ Connor Macklain
    Age: 18/18
    Gender: Female/Male
    Personality: Fiery, stubborn, strong-willed, romantic/ Kind, smart, loyal, stubborn in his ways.
    Eyes: Dark Brown/Soft blue
    Hair: Dark Brown, like chocolate./ Carmel blonde
    Body Type: Slim and muscled/ Slim ad muscled
    Horse: Kewl Zippin Strider/ Dancin To Victory/Follow Me Boys/DoYaThinkImFlashy
    Other: No/No

    Show Name: Kewl Zippin Strider/Dancin To Victory
    Barn Name: Strider/Vic
    Age: 2/21/2
    Gender: Male/Female
    Personality: Strong, loyal, smart, willing to do anything for Kate./Optimistic, kind, loving and smart.
    Eyes: Ice blue/Blue
    Coat: Black/Palimino Pain
    Injury: Left front and Right back legs broken/Same as Stirder
    Specialty: Racing/Jumping

    Show Name: Follow Me Boys/DoYaThinkImFlashy
    Barn Name: Fella/Flash
    Age: 2/3
    Gender: Male/Female
    Personality: Hasty, smart, loyal, and swift/Calm, cool, collected and smart.
    Eyes: Brown/Brown
    Coat: Dark gray/Chestnut
    Markings: Black socks, ears, and nose/White socks reaching the knees, a blaze
    Injury: Tore two ligaments/Broke two legs
    Specialty: Eventer/Jumper

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