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  1. Did anybody hear what happened at the Kentucky Derby? The horse named Big Brown won and the filly Eight Belles came in second! But Eight Belles had to be euthinized on the track because of two broken ankles. [​IMG] It's so sad. That's why I'm scared to go to the Kentucky Derby one day because I don't want to see a horse get hurt. [​IMG] Here's the story with a pic of Eight Belles as she came in second. She was such a beautiful horse. [​IMG]
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    Yes, very sad. I think the horses are really pushed - similar to our athletes. Can you imagine that both of her ankles broke - very sad. [​IMG]
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    I just started another thread on the same thing! How sad. We watched it at Hoggy's on their big screen and everyone was crying; the guys behind us actually left. Everyone was rooting for her; I picked her to win. She must've been in incredible pain, and what a shame. These young horses and their fragile legs. Big Brown was awesome, though, and he looks kind...maybe he'll win the Triple Crown.
  4. Quote:Whoops! Looks like you beat me to it! [​IMG]
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    I too was watching the Derby and hoped Eight Belles would win since it has been 20 years since a filly won. I told my DH that she was the one to do it. When I saw her down on the field, I knew it was bad. A horse never stays down unless something serious if happening. What a sad thing to happen. [​IMG]
  6. I really hate what they do to those poor horses in horseracing. They are way too young, their bones are too fragile and I can never imagine doing that to my youngsters. They are ridden at 9mos old. I don't even try to ride my til they are three. Don't get me wrong, I love those magnificent creatures and admire their abilities. Every since barbaro I can't watch. I fell in love with ruffian when I was a little girl and it broke my heart when they had to put her down. They only see the dollar signs and not the maginificent animal they have before them. What a shame...
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    I saw Ruffian...that was awful.
    I saw Barbaro break down and cried and was thrilled when he was doing so well and cried again when they wound up having to put him to sleep anyways.
    I saw 8 Belles do so well and the next thing you know she was down...crud...

    I agree 4H. A horse is almost never down.

    I picked Big Brown, 8 Belles and Pyro...I think I'm going to give up watching the races...I can't take it anymore...
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    Quote:I manage a training center here in Ocala where we train over 100 horses every year. In fact we broke and trained the horse who came in 4th in the Derby. They are NOT ridden at 9 month olds. The breaking process begins at around 18 months of age, and its a gentle and fascinating process. If you think the owners of Eight Belles only see dollar signs, you are sadly misinformed. I assure you they are in agony right now.
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    Please excuse my ignorance on this, but would the owners have tried to get the horse's legs to mend if it had been a stallion? I also watched the Derby on TV, saw the footage of the filly down on the track, then was astounded to hear how quickly it was decided to euthanize her. I had to keep tuned in to be sure I had heard correctly.

    I know that it used to be the case that all horses were immediately shot if ever they broke a leg, it was almost a cliche. But now I thought there were more advances in veterinary care, esp for these fine race horses. I would have thought that they'd at least take some more time to analyze her injury, give her some pain meds in the meanwhile.

    So I'm wondering, if it had been a stallion, would they have tried to get his legs to mend sufficiently to keep him at stud? But since this was a filly, it would be difficult/impossible for her to bear the strain of pregnancy on two mended broken legs?

    This is my theory as of now, please let me know how far off my logic is on this.
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    There are so many variables as to whether a horse is a surgical candidate. In this case there was no possible way to save her, she fractured both front legs. She wouldnt be able to stand even if the fractures could have been surgically mended. Most of the time catastrophic injuries like these are poor candidates, since a horse has very little circulation below the knees, and that circulation is compromised with a complete break. A very sad day for all concerned.

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