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    May 23, 2016
    Columbia, Ky
    Hello! Glad to be here at BYC!! We are a fairly newly blended family of five, are working on renovating an 80s model single wide mobile home, raising 3 children (2 girls, 1 boy) and in the midst of all this chaos...have become addicted to poultry and water foul!

    We have accumulated thus far, 3 Pekin ducks (unfortunately we lost one after having him a week...RIP little Howard!), 3 Khacki Campbell ducks, and as of 3 days ago 3 Muscovy ducks and 6 Pekin (I think) Bantam Chick-lings.

    Even though we kept the 6 original ducklings in our apt with us, bathed them twice daily in our bathtub, hand fed and held them daily, they seem to hate us.

    We've had our pint sized chickens for mere DAYS, and they seem to adore us. WE LOVE IT!! We're building them a new coop because they're so small, and I read on BYC how drakes can sometimes be aggressive to new feathered flock members, and it will just help us to sleep better at night not to have to worry about our tiny additions getting trampled by huge duck feet, LoL*

    Anyway, there's where I am and a little about our flock.

    Where are YOU!?!?!

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