6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
I'm so addicted to this site! Planning on getting our first chickens this spring. Just started our chicken coop via the cross keys coop on this site. And I've decided to go with buff orpingtons due to favorable reviews on this site. (was chased by a very mean rooster as a child and don't want to summit my small children to that terror!) Keep up the wonderful posts im learning so much! :)
About the roosters... some are more agressive than others but the ones people make pets out of usuallly begin attacking them eventually. So my advise, make pets out of the females if you want to but the males DON'T.

Welcome to BYC! :)
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! I got
attacked by the neighbours' rooster when I was a child, but now, ironically, my roosters often turn out to be my favourite members of the flock. It depends on the individual roosters, I guess, but some breeds are definitely friendlier than others.
I have all these questions?!?!?? Lol and for every question i find the answer to I've got twenty more! Is there a newbie forum that Im missing? I want to know about small kids and chicken handling? I want to know about heritage birds (is that the right term even) versus chickens from tractor supply ect. Are they more aggressive? Know anywhere I can buy heritage orpingtons? Is it worth the extra money? Lol those are just a few!

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