key west chickens - anyone have them?


11 Years
Aug 12, 2008
I see the ad for Key West rescue chickens on eggbid often. In a way I am intrigued. I know these are mutts, but I like mutts. Anyone have any of these? I am just curious on temperament of these birds. I have seen the Key West chicken catcher on TV before and those birds seem so high strung and aggressive. I know they are feral and wild, since they have not been raised in human hands. Just wondering if they tame down or what they end up like in your flock at home.

I was in Key West two weeks ago. The chickens I saw must have all just come out of Margaritaville because they were not stressed at all by the people walking though "their" city. I did a double take when I saw the first ones walk into an ice cream parlor. I half expected them to place an order. Doesn't really answer your questions, but those are my limited experiences. I wonder if only the "problem children" get caught and relocated?

I didn't know they put them up for adoption, but I would sure think they'd be healthy as all getout - they're following "survival of the fittest" rules down there!
I love Key West chickens, but I've heard that some of the islanders hate them. By law, they are not allowed to harm them so instead they are trying to find other places for them to live.
There is a place on Key West called The Chicken Store that is a chicken rescue. They have a website; Google it sometime. Their story is so cool!
I know the lady that has them on eggbid, she is in central Fl. She is a way station for them coming from the Keys, she takes them in then re homes. I have been to her place and they all free range, she has all kinds of birds and from what I've seen, they don't bother any of them and get along just fine on the farm. They are are a med. size game bird and come in all colors, I saw no real aggression. I think she has eggs sometimes and birds for sale.
I have some!! I was born in kw and moved to Ga. 16 years ago. I still have family down there and several years ago started bringing 1 or 2 back with me. I only have a rooster and 4 hens now. 3 were born there and 2 I hatched over the years. They settle down nice,roos are very good protectors of their women and hens are very good mommies. I had as many as 15 once but some got killed by a coon, had to get rid of some and some just died. BluRoo, are you talking about Annies place?
No! Sally in Eustis. I loved them, want to bring some home
Where is Annie located?
I would love to get a few of these, or even one roo, and play around with getting those hardy feral genetics into a good egg-laying line.

I see there's a club trying to "standardize" them and get them recognized as show birds, which is not something I have the slightest interest in.

Can anyone point me towards a source for chicks, adults, or eggs -- the real deal feral birds?

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