key west chickens flew the coop

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    Oct 27, 2010
    I brought them home three week ago and thought they would never roost in a coop. Well I put them in the coop for a straight week and turned them out. That night five chickens in the coop. That was the story for two weeks. Then a couple of nights ago -1. Then last night found two in the tree above the coop. Tonight three missing. Any ideas? Should I try to catch them and put them up for a couple of weeks. These were caught in the wild in KW and put into a large large pen. Do you think I will ever get them to roost in the coop. Not a big deal but if they don't roost here then what would keep them from just wondering off, no place to call home.......
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    cover their run so they cant get out.

    If it is to big to cover, section part of it off and cover. Otherwise, I think they will keep keep roosting outside. It is dangerous for them.
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    I would put shade cloth or something over the top of thier run so they can't get out for awhile. Where do you get Key West chickens? Does someone sell them or do you have to go down yourself to get them?
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    My understanding is that the Key West chickens are actually wild birds that roam freely though the keys. I think it will be tough to get them used to roosting in the coop unless you have the ability to give them really high roosts. I would try keeping them confined to the coop for a couple months then try letting them back on the lot. If that doesn't work you are going to have to build them a covered run.

    If they become a problem to you, I am also in N. Ga. Keep me in mind if you want to "hook a brotha up!" [​IMG]
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    Nov 6, 2010
    "Key West" chickens are just plain ol' barnyard birds whose ancestors were escapees (or releases) from settlers and the military bases. Nearby "Stock Island" derived it's name due to Army practice of releasing cattle,hogs,sheep and chickens on that island. They free-ranged and the cook would row over and grab supper for the soldiers. The fowl are now quite numerous and raising health issues. We go to KW every year for 2-3 weeks and last year heard a "roundup" had begun. Is that how you got yours? BTW-anyone want to go to KW in Jan for a week or two? We are renting a 2br,2bath,lr,kitchen on the water.
    315 676 2151
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    If I was taken from the keys I would want to go back too!![​IMG]

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