Khaki Cambell ducklings

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    We have Khaki Cambell ducklings on the ground now and set to hatch again this week and next week.

    These are from strong utility parent stock.
    Excellent buggers
    Wonderful free range ducks
    Prolific egg layers (over 300 a year)

    Ducklings are $2.50 each
    Shipping is available
    Minimum purchase 6 for older (2-3 week olds)
    Minimum purchase 10 for day old hatchlings

    Order yours today, and we will give you the date of the week you can expect these cute babies to ship to you.

    PM your order, or email directly by clicking the link below in our signature.

    PayPal, checks*, and money orders* accepted.



    *funds must clear before ducklings will ship.
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