Khaki Campbell and Welsh Harlequin drakes need good homes

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    Hi. I'm looking for homes for one or some of my drakes. (We have seven total but need to rehome up to five of them if we can find good homes for them. I would like for them to have a safe place to live where they can be happy.) They don't all have to go to the same place.

    Due to previous prolapse issues in my girls, I don't want any of the drakes mating them so I have to separate them and the drakes have started fighting each other since mating season started.

    We have two Khaki Campbell drakes that were born in 2014. They would be great together as their own flock or with their own flock of girls. Just note that Khaki Campbell drakes are very hormonal especially during mating season.

    We also have three Welsh Harlequin drakes--one gold phase and two silver phase. These are excellent drakes and I really hate to have to rehome them, but they're just not happy here in a flock of only drakes. Rare breed, excellent foragers, very calm disposition. They were born in 2015. Like most ducks, they don't love to be picked up and petted but they don't squirm or try to run away as much as the others when I do have to pick them up.

    I'm in NC. Please message me if interested.
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