Khaki Campbell babies- newbie!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by klinequacks, Jun 6, 2016.

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    Hi, I've never posted before, so bear with me:

    I had 4 khaki Campbell's I raised from ducklings last year, and one just hatched a nest of 12(!!!) eggs. They're about 3 days old. I can't find any help on what to do with babies with their mother. I feed the big ones layer pellets and some cracked corn, is that ok for the babies too? Or should I be getting the chick food and giving that to them? I didn't know if mom helped them eat.

    Also, I have one who hops on one leg, and when mom is walking fast he gets left behind, it's very sad lol. The bad leg looks fine, he can move it, is it just sore? Or is it like "bad?" I'm considering taking him and another one (so he's not alone) to raise myself away from mom, because I'm afraid she's going to ditch him and he'll die, is that a good idea? Can a duck live a long healthy life with one foot?
    Am I making any sense?? Hahha thanks in advance for any advice!

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    I used to raise KC and when they would hatch off I would put them in a portable cage of some sort to keep all safe, but allow to pick grass/eat bugs. Google gamefowl dome pen and should pop up on how to build. They are easy to build and inexpensive. Any 'chicken tractor' ' will do. Just make sure wherever they are at night it's safe from varmits.

    I always used nonmedicated gamebird or Turkey starter. Both have higher protein and vitamins that ducklings need. If you can find a waterfowl feed, then use it. The high calcium layer pellets will hurt them and cause kidney damage long term. When they get close to laying age they can be switched to layer pellet.

    Water container needs to be deep enough for them to get head underwater, BUT not so they could tip upside down and drown. Ducklings are MESSY and changing water several times a day and moving pen heips. Always make sure they have water before you feed so they don't get choked.

    Best book on ducks is Holderand, he has website.

    Since raised by momma they will be oiled and waterproofed. In about a week you can add a shallow pan with water to the pen. This is when it is really nice to be able to move that pen daily! Once ducklings are no longer hawkbait size I just free range and put them up at night. That would be at about four to six weeks old.

    They can waste a lot of feed. That first week or two I try to keep feed in front of them. Wet feed sours, molds and can sicken, so keep things as clean as you can. After second week I feed them what they will clean up three or four times a day in about 30 minutes.

    I loved my KC and they outlayed any chicken. Some of mine were over seven years old and still laying as good as at a year old.
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    I would advise getting some starter feed for the little ones. If you can find starter specifically for ducks, that's the best. If not, chick starter (you'll have to add niacin to it) or turkey/gamebird starter will work.
    Yes, the duckling can still live a long, happy life with a bad leg, but if it really hinders him, you may want to raise him yourself. It depends on how bad it is. I hope he gets better! Are you feeding supplemental niacin? That could be his problem.

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