Khaki Campbell Chicks!!


In the Brooder
Apr 24, 2015
Hello, I recently bought 4 K/C's and 20 pullets from TFC. They are about 3 weeks old now. They are in the same brooder. I was Just wondering should I separate the ducks from the chicks or are they ok?
Thank you for the feed back! I just was making sure they wouldn't pick on each other. I'll make sure to watch closely anyhow.
You're welcome. The only issues I had was the ducks would preen the chicks. The chicks were like what are you doing to us but got use to it quick. It was cute. Having turkeys this year was new. They kept going for the ducks feet the first day but then they stopped and now they all huddle up together. Enjoy your babies.
We raised our ducks and chicks together since day one, and they are a big happy family. No problems so far, except the filthy dirty water that ducks love


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