khaki campbell drake attacking 1 specific female duck


Mar 12, 2018
Hi, I have 1 khaki campbell drake + 5 female khaki campbell ducks
who are close to 5 months now.

During the last 2 weeks, I have noticed the drake mating with the ducks,
and even though there was pulling of feather or the neck, things were fine,
and seemed normal for their mating ritual.

However, just yesterday, I noticed the drake trying to mat with this 1 duck,
not being very successful as she kept running away from him.

Then after a few hours of this, I noticed that her feathers were all disheveled
and that the drake was being super aggressive with her.
She remained close to him and nodded her head downwards,
so it seemed like she was okay with being near him.

I tried to put her in a cage to protect her,
and so that the drake would try mating with the other 4 ducks,
but that did not help.

Then after an hour or so, I saw her sticking her head out from the cage,
allowing him to pull on her neck.

He did it very aggressively, so I decided that maybe I should cage him instead.
When I let him out after an hour, he immediately went to her and pulled on
her back feathers and neck area as well. I kept watch for 10 minutes,
hoping that at some point, he would just mount on top of her and get it over with.
But that didn't happen.

In the pen at night, I had to separate him in a cage to protect her.

In the morning, I let the drake go out with the ducks,
hoping that he would have calmed down.
But he went to that 1 duck again and continued.

Not sure what to do. Please help!!!

Should I continue separating him from her?
I don't want her to get killed.


Mar 10, 2018
Drake’s do this in the springs,some are worse then others.Normal behavior but would separate him for the spring until his hormones calm down.He could seriously hurt her or even kill her.


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Aug 28, 2016
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Ditto Roosters110, I had to lock up one Khaki male for a couple of months last year because hormones turned him into a complete idiot. He is a little better this year but may soon find himself alone again. It calmed down by midsummer btw.

Miss Lydia

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I have a Muscovy drake that will be 7yrs in June he is still going strong just not quite a strong in the hormone dept as in his younger days. Thank goodness.
But My old drake was 1 month shy of 12 yrs when he passed and he was still trying, [Trying] is the key here :lol:


Mar 10, 2018
No this how they drown the females.Highly suggest not adding a kitty pool while the ducks are together,not until you separate him.

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