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Aug 10, 2019
Hey guys! I have some KC ducklings available. They're getting close to being two weeks old, and the person I hatched them out for apparently changed her mind about wanting them, because she has completely stopped responding to my messages. Unfortunately, I am a big ol' quail lover, and while ducks are great, I'm really not too keen on having ducks, too.

Three of them are a sort of dark chocolate color with darker areas, and one is slightly piebald. They love swimming in the bathtub and like being spoken to, the piebald one will nap on me, but the others aren't too keen on being held and will squeak like 'omg! am going to be eaten!' no matter how often I tell them I'm not going to swallow them whole lol.

Anyway! If you're interested in ducks, please PM me? Am asking $25 for all of them, hopefully that seems fair? Or would also trade for a big ol' bag of diatomaceous earth -- although am sure I can't spell that right XD Either way, I'll want to chat with you a bit about your experience and intentions. While I would prefer they be raised as pets, I understand that ducks are delicious and won't rule you out just because you want to raise them for meat as long as you are going to raise them humanely, with love and genuine care, and then dispatch them humanely too <3

Have never sold on here before, hopefully this is all looking good and has been done right. Thanks! Have a great day!

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