Khaki Campbell or Indian Runner Ducks, wanted in Massachusetts


11 Years
Dec 20, 2008
I hope that people with ducks to sell actually read the "wanted to buy" section.

I'm looking for a couple or few Indian runners or khaki Campbell ducks for eggs. Interested in either fledged ducklings or adults under 2 years of age. While I would like females (for the eggs!), I'd could take one drake with a pair of females.

Also, I'm looking for an African or Chinese goose to be a mate to my lonely African gander.

I live in northeast Mass.


In the Brooder
8 Years
Apr 12, 2011
I have 2 laying and full grown khaki campbells and 2 fullgrown laying cayugas available by late august (they will be only 5 months and have just started laying). I am sorry to say that they only come as a foursome (so I hope you don't mind getting two cayugas also?)(They are all the friendliest ducks I have ever seen! I can hold them and cuddle them wit no problems and they seem to enjoy it) It would be great if you had a good, safe coop, a safe pond, you live in massachusetts, and you will never eat them. Thanks
and please e-mail!

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