Khaki Campbells - 2 Hens, 1 Drake

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    Dec 8, 2008
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    I have a total of five Khaki Campbell ducks (well known for their egg laying abilities), but I had only originally wanted two. The person I got the hatching eggs from sent me extra to ensure a good hatch and I figured we'd just keep them all, but now that it's the rainy season, I've realized that there's just too many for our small area. So I'm selling three of them. One drake and two hens. $50 for all three ( I am willing to sell just a pair for $40 (one male & one female). Both hens are laying nearly every day. They are under a year old, hatched at the end of February of this year. I don't have any current pics, but would be happy to take some upon request. The male has very good Mallard markings (except for the white ring)...his head is a very brilliant green.

    Local Pickup unless you want to pay and arrange for the shipping. I live in the Eugene/Springfield area of Oregon.

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